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Steam Winter Sale 2018

by Thelget

Yes gamers, it is that time of year again! Update your wishlist, say goodbye to your bank balance and set aside some time for gaming.  The Steam Winter Sale starts December 20th, 2018!

Steam Winter Sale 2018
Steam Winter Sale 2018

The dates have apparently been leaked from a developer source, according to multiple sources and various posts on Reddit.  The Steam Winter Sale 2018, according the to leak, will run from December 20th until January 3rd.

Happy Gaming

If the Autumn sale didn’t already empty your wallet, be ready to enjoy some Christmas gaming deals!  Once the sale launches we’ll update this post with information regarding the best deals to bust your bank.  Additionally, if you have extra money to burn and the spirit of giving has invaded your soul, access to my Steam Wishlist is available on demand. 🙂

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