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Steam Holiday Sale (aka Budget Breaker)

by Thelget

That time of year is here again, the Steam Holiday sale where we spend money on loads of new games, some we may never play.  Not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re patient enough you can land some great deals.  This year’s sale is nothing like those of the past, that is for sure.  I remember amazing deals of 80-90% off on major recent release games and jumping up and down in my chair with excitement as my library filled with my new scores.  Not this year.

That being said, I’ve still managed to fill some gaps in my collection and add some games that look to be some enjoyable hours ahead.  So here is a list of what I’ve picked up so far (no specific order):

  • twobrothers Looks like a great game with excellent graphics and interesting story
  • shadowrun-dragonfall Having just picked up Shadowrun Returns and falling in love with it, this was a no brainer
  • pirates I used to own this game a LOOOONNNNGGGG time ago on my C64 🙂  So great to own it again, it is still just as much fun as it was back in my teens.
  • enslaved This one had a great deal and the story again looked appealing.  Worth a shot for the price.
  • evilwithin A good friend on my friends list purchased this for me from my Wishlist – Thank You!  I look forward to starting this one in the coming days.
  • armaiii All my friends have been playing this and raving about it, so why not jump on the band wagon.  I haven’t played much but have enjoyed the Breaking Point mod.  Definitely a learning curve but I foresee many many hours in this one.


Well thats it so far.  I will probably be picking up the Half-Life 2 on sale today since I have Half-Life Episode 2 already.  I would love to pick up Divinity Original Sin but it just hasn’t hit the magic number for me to drop the coin, I may have to wait for a later sale to get that one.

Would love to hear what you’re buying, what recommendations you may have or what you think of my choices.  Now that I’m regaining my health and able to sit in front of a computer for a bit, I hope to become a bit more active here with updating my world of gaming.

Take it easy and Game on!


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