Smith and Winston Twin Stick Shooter

Execution Unit announced after four years of development the cutting edge high-def voxel twin stick shooter Smith and Winston has entered early access on Steam for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Smith and Winston Twin Stick Shooter Trailer

About Smith and Winston

Smith and Winston is a twin stick voxel shooter with limitless level destruction, exploration and full 3D combat. Featuring hand-crafted, high definition, voxel levels with the philosophy that “if you can see it, you can destroy it”.

Guide Smith and Winston, two hapless adventurers, as you explore a shattered ring world and uncover its dark secrets. Fight the aliens, uncover the truth of the mysterious VOID and prevent impending doom.

Smith and Winston Twin Stick Shooter ss1

It’s been a long four years creating unique technology to create an engine flexible enough to showcase Smith and Winston at 60 fps with massively destructive environments.

With a fully destructible environment, Ikari Warrior and Metroid influences, the design challenges were immense but we think we’ve cracked it and made it look as sexy as hell!

Charlie Harbour – Art/Desig
Smith and Winston Twin Stick Shooter ss2


  • Full Controller Support.
  • Full Keyboard Support.
  • Steam Achievement Support.
  • Local save games (Steam cloud coming soon).
  • Full sound and music support.
  • Full video support (fullscreen toggle, vsync toggle, brightness adjust resolution select).
  • 12/25 level fully playable.
  • 1/3 bosses impemented.
  • Sound design for the weapons, pickups, explosions and enemies is complete.
  • The levels are fun to play. All levels available include enemies to kill, items to collect and places to explore, there are no empty, direction-less, meaningless levels to get lost in.

More Information

Visit the Steam store page or Smith and Winston’s official web page for more information. Additionally, check out the game on

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