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Shards of Infinity Strategy Card Game Released

by Thelget

Shards of Infinity strategy card game released today, May 6th, on iOS, Android, and PC. From the creators of the renowned Ascension deck-building game, Shards of Infinity combines an unprecedented level of strategy and customization into one speedy app. Win by either mastering the power of the Infinity Shard or by destroying all who oppose you.

About Shards of Infinity

One-hundred years ago, The Infinity Engine was shattered. It’s reality-bending shards have destroyed most of the world. You and a few others know how to wield the power of the shards. The one who unites them all will become a living god. It’s up to you to gather forces, defeat your adversaries, and rebuild The Infinity Engine. Will you survive?

▪   Build your armies by recruiting allies and champions from four unique factions
▪   Launch surprise attacks on your foes by instantly deploying mercenaries
▪   Unlock limitless power by mastering the Shard of Infinity

Shards of Infinity Strategy Card Game ss1


▪   128 Cards
▪   For 2-4 Players
▪   Local pass and play
▪   30 minute playing time
▪   Cross-platform network multiplayer
▪   Designed by Gary Arant and Justin Gary
▪   Neural network AI based on Keldon Jones’ research
▪   App by Temple Gates Games, developer of Race for the Galaxy

Bringing Tabletop To Desktop

Temple Gates Games has a history developing mobile boardgames.  Before digitizing Race for the Galaxy, they brought Ascension into VR. With a custom boardgame app engine and triple-A background, they’re committed to bringing tabletop favorites to more players.  Accessibility features, like Jumbo Mode, let mobile board game players crank up the text size for easier reading on small mobile devices.  No friends online?  No problem, players can play against AI opponents, powered by neural networks to offer a heightened challenge.

More Information

Learn more by visiting the store page for your desired platform; PC on Steam, GooglePlay for Android or iTunes for iOS.

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