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Polish developer Jujubee S.A. released their latest project on Steam with a very specific goal in mind – to save the marine life within our oceans and seas. Deep Diving Simulator game of underwater exploration is in itself trying to raise awareness and help tackle marine pollution in our waters. Now available for PC on Steam with a launch discount of 25%.

Deep Diving Simulator Game

Take control of a rookie diver who is helping an unconventional professor in his quest of recovering ancient artifacts and other valuable items from the unknown depths. Each location brings a new challenge as some items may be more difficult to find than others, not to mention the diver must not run out of oxygen. The player will also heal animals with a For the device that will disintegrate harmful substances. Warm seas with a magnificent and full of colorful inhabitants coral reef, underwater forests, unexplored caves, or fascinating depths hidden under a thick layer of ice – all await the player who might discover things that would everything is remain forgotten. Deep Diving Simulator is scored by Adam Skorupa whose experience has been featured in titles such as the Witcher series, Ancestors: Legacy, or Bulletstorm.

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For the most immersive experience, Jujubee has teamed up with both Gralmarine and the International Diving Federation to ensure everything is as believable as it can be. The developers are also aware that Deep Diving Simulator and its astonishing sea life could be an amazing adventure in Virtual Reality, however, their current focus is on the PC version of the game.

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Games Beyond – lend a hand in saving our oceans and seas while learning about the submerged world and its enigmatic inhabitants.

Stunning Visuals -from the coldest oceans to the hottest seas, immerse yourself in the underwater adventure by experiencing beautiful locations and vivid sea life.

Immersive Approach – each dive teaches you what it takes to be a professional diver as you must take care of your oxygen level as well as managing your position to avoid the life-threatening decompression sickness.

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Deep Diving Simulator game is now available for PC on Steam and has a launch discount of 25%, dropping the price from $19,99 to $14,99! Celebrating their newest release, Jujubee’s adventure-documentary game KURSK also received an interesting discount!

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