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Indie developer The Sociopath Software Is excited to announce the Aplha2 update to its isometric hardcore tycoon game CoffeeBiz. Also referred to as Coffee Biz Tycoon, the game that lets you grind out a coffee empire is currently available as part of Steam Early Access.

About CoffeeBiz Tycoon

CoffeeBiz Tycoon is a unique mix of entrepreneurship fun and complicated business simulation. Start your first coffee kiosk, brew, expand, hire, deal with competitors, build a well-known brand, risk, and do everything else needed to build a prosperous and profitable business. Created in isometric pixel art graphic style by a single developer.

The game is not another ‘click and wait’ game. There are no loot boxes or ‘paid content’ either. Its a deep and detailed business simulation game which is highly difficult to “win”, you’re more likely to file bankruptcy.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon Early Access ss1


  • Pixel-perfect 2.5D graphics with dynamic lighting
  • Two game modes: sandbox and scenarios.
  • City to explore and decide where is the best location to run business
  • Kiosk to brew coffee and sell it to customers. Buy ingredients, place coffee machine and barista, set prices, promote and make money.
  • Four customer types with different needs and demand to analyze.
  • Employees to hire, fire, motivate and educate. Assign them to the barista, assistant or managers positions. Watch for their energy and mood.
  • Equipment (like coffee machines) to research, buy, service and repair to keep coffee quality and brew speed at high levels
  • Random events like employee illness, vandalism, and others that will affect your operations and sales
  • Office manager to organize and improve business operations and research new business opportunities
  • Detailed finance simulation
  • Unlimited amount of business strategies to try out
CoffeeBiz Tycoon Early Access ss2

Latest Update Introduces New Features:

  • New locations – two new locations to run a coffee business – industrial with blue-collar customer type and neighborhood with an extremely good attitude to coffee business.
  • Updated marketing – new customer decision making AI for more realistic demand simulation. Also, poor/casual/rich customers stratification implemented.
  • New employee – workers energy, performance and mood reworked. New “stamina” skill implemented.
  • Office and management – finally working the way it should work.
  • New coffee machines – industrial type coffee machines for late game strategies.

More Information

CoffeeBiz Tycoon is currently in Early Access on Steam and available for $9.99. Learn more by visiting the Steam store page or the game’s official website. Additionally, follow on social media via Facebook or Twitter.

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