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Robot Cache, Buy & Resell Games

by Thelget

Robot Cache, the revolutionary PC video game distribution platform that for the first time ever gives gamers the ability to resell games from the digital library, is now open. Founded by video game icon Brian Fargo and industry veterans Lee Jacobson and Mark Caldwell, Robot Cache delivers two never-before-offered features, the ability to resale digital games and the ability to mine for platform currency, which can be used toward the purchase of games. 

Robot Cache – Buy & Resell Games

As a curated platform featuring top games from over 60 developers and publishers, Robot Cache solves one of the most common complaints from developers and gamers alike, discoverability. With a platform that focuses on the games and their corresponding visuals with full video takeovers, each game comes to life on the platform in stunning, captivating ways. Playlists, rotating content, and other clever curation tools make the store different with each visit.      

Robot Cache Resell Games Stash

In addition to benefiting gamers like no other platform before it, Robot Cache takes only 5% of each transaction leaving the profits where they belong, with the developers. Everyone, from the smallest indie team to the biggest publishers, will retain up to 95% of the sales proceeds on original game sales. 

The entire video game ecosystem greatly benefits from Robot Cache’s unique distribution approach. Previously, gamers could only resell physical retail copies of a video game, with developers receiving zero of the profits, but now they can resell digital games purchased on the Robot Cache platform and receive 25% of the proceeds with developers retaining 70%. 

Robot Cache Resell Games Rewards

Gamers can also opt-in within the Robot Cache client to mine and be rewarded in IRON, which they can then use to buy games and other content on the platform. Additionally, Robot Cache recently added the Mining Bonuses program, which allows gamers to unlock free games at the same time as earning IRON with rotating offers every two weeks. The site is fully gamified and offers a leveling program with rewards such as profile frames, badges, mining boosts and random IRON grants.

Robot Cache is ramping up toward a global launch, unveiling the platform in waves across secondary markets. It has been in Early Access since June, amassing a large Founder community. Anyone who signs up before the global launch, will be a Founder Forever and receive a 2.5% mining boost through December 31, 2019, an exclusive profile frame and more. 

Robot Cache Resell Games Sell

Today, also marks the start of the Founder Frenzy, Robot Cache’s first sitewide sale with deals up 85% off, to celebrate the community, its Founders and the upcoming launch.

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Robot Cache is the first-ever decentralized PC video game distribution platform with a revolutionary digital resale model utilizing blockchain.  For more information about Robot Cache, please visit www.robotcache.com.

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