Rift Keeper Indie Platformer Arriving January 2019

Rift Keeper, a roguelite platformer featuring rpg elements and fast paced combat, arriving on PC January 14th, 2019.  Play as the Rift Keeper, protector of the rifts that act as a gateway to other realms. After being summoned by the Red Priests, informed of the stolen rift keys, you set out to uncover the mystery and retrieve the keys before its too late.

Rift Keeper Story

Rift Keepers are the protectors of the rifts that act as a gateway to other realms. They are warriors who are trained by the Red Priests who were once Rift Keepers. When the Rift Keepers get old enough and lose their strength, they become Red Priests to teach the ways of the Keeper mother, study and learn more about the Rifts.  Red priests and Rift keepers are the servants of the Keeper Mother whose the only light in the void that illuminates the true path for the Keepers and the arch-enemy of the Void and the Void God himself, Xal’Sheth.


  • Over 120 weapons & items. Upgrade your equipment throughout the game. Loot, trade and buy better gear.
  • 30 handcrafted dungeons.
  • Dynamic difficulty system.
  • Fast-paced action gameplay.
  • 3 powerful bosses.
  • Synthwave/Electronic Ost album.
Rift Keeper Indie Platformer ss1

Weapon Types

Melee Weapons: There are 4 different melee weapon sets that the player can find and use. The main weapon is the Chain, it’s a traditional Keeper weapon according to the lore and will always be with the Keeper. Halberd is a different one with a long reach and usually with higher damage output. There’s also one-handed swords with usually higher damage but a shorter reach. The last one is a combination of sword and a shield, offering the player a chance to block some of the incoming attacks.

Ranged Weapons: There are five different ranged weapon sets that the player can use. Four of them are spells(Fire, Storm, Frost, Void) and the other one is a crossbow.

Rift Keeper Indie Platformer ss2

Trinkets With A Twist

How the items work in Rift Keeper: As stated before there are over 120 items in Rift Keeper. They work as they usually do, you find a trinket you equip it and you gain the benefits of that trinket.

However, there’s a catch in Rift Keeper.. while giving player certain bonuses (damage, health or movement speed) most of the items also take something from the player. For example; you might have found a weapon that can crush your foes with devastating damage but on the downside, it can drain and lower your health.

Dungeons & Difficulty

Dungeons: There are 30 handcrafted dungeons, each of them offers unique look and atmosphere and crafted with care. There are also 3 different dungeons for the boss battles.

Dynamic difficulty system: As you progress throughout the game, enemies around you will also get tougher. Their health will increase by 1.25x while their damage output increases much more.

More Information

Rift Keeper from Frymore Games releases on January 14th, 2019 on PC via the Steam platform.  For more information, visit the Steam store page or follow them via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

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