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Raiders Of The Lost Island Enters Early Access

by Thelget

Indie developer Last Tales released Raiders Of The Lost Island as part of Steam’s Early Access program. Get 4 friends together and compete in looting treasures from a sinking island, while building together a boat to survive the final wave.

About Raiders of the Lost Island

Four funny adventurers explore a sinking island under the constant threat of the rising waters. They must work together and collect resources quickly to build a raft and escape before the final wave washes them away. If they fail, they all lose together.

However, the island is full of treasures: gold coins, gems and the most expensive diamonds. This hard to resist temptation will put their friendship to the test, because if they manage to survive, only the richest one will stand in front! The others just helped him win.

Raiders Of The Lost Island ss1

Grab your friends and venture to the Lost Island! Seek your fortune, survive together and get rich in the process! Don’t let the greed get the best of you or you will all end up on the bottom of the ocean!


  • Local co-op party game (1-4 players)
  • Win alone or lose together
  • Beautiful 3d isometric graphics
  • Funny animated characters
  • Fighting mechanics
  • Simple controls scheme
  • Gorgeous coins, gems and diamonds
  • Diverse levels with different themes
  • Dangers, traps and hidden passages
  • Rules and environment modifiers
  • Find who your friends really are
  • Tons of laughs and good times

Raiders of the Lost Island has already received attention, receiving the Best Game of the Show and Best Design awards at Dev-Play Eastern Europe Game Conference in 2017. Additionally, the game was nominated for IndiePrize at Casual Connect London in 2018.

More Information

Visit the Steam store page for Raiders of the Lost Island to learn more. Also, get the latest updates from the developer on Twitter or Facebook.

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