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Puzzle-Adventure Game ‘MEMORY’ Released

by Thelget

Indie game developer Soft Paw Studio just released Memory, a charming and mysterious puzzle-adventure game on Steam. Featuring an intriguing plot and many unexpected surprises where memories are not always what they seem.

About Memory

Memory is a story-driven exploration adventure where attention to detail is crucial. Retrieve memories, collect radio transmissions, solve puzzles and piece together the story- and timeline of the mysteries of Woodland Park. Solving clues and riddles open doors to new challenges and Alicia, a beautiful young that girl you meet along the way, will sweep you off your feet and capture your heart… Can she be trusted? Only by piecing together the fading or secret memories of characters that you meet will you be able to solve the dark mysteries that you encounter.

Memory Puzzle-Adventure Game ss1

Memory challenges your protagonist to spend summer in the quaint little town of Woodland Park, a beautiful cozy retreat far away from the stress of modern life. Your adventure begins as you settle at your Grandmother’s house and set out to explore your surroundings. Little by little you realize that history long forgotten comes to surface and the inhabitants you meet carry tales of lost forgotten secrets from a buried past that will not stay hidden. You discover that a single terrible event forever changed Woodland Park and your task is to unveil the truth.


  • Explore Woodland Park and surround area
    Move through the town and explore different places. Each place has a memory or a radio message that will help you unravel the details of the past.
  • Meet People from Woodland Park
    The people of the town have different accounts and different perspectives. Figure out how their memories and stories fit together to gain a picture of the past and uncover what really happened.
  • Puzzles, Games, and Riddles
    Small puzzles, miniature games and short riddles will reveal even more information. Collect items and play arcade games to advance toward the truth.
  • Solve the Mystery
    A single event changed the people of Woodland Park forever… but what details were buried and what truths were twisted? People’s memories have warped over time, but a fresh take and a sharp mind can piece together and solve the dark mystery that has stayed the small country town for years.
Memory Puzzle-Adventure Game ss2

More Information

The puzzle-adventure game Memory is available now on Steam for $14.99. Learn more about the game by visiting the official website for Soft Paw Studios. Additionally, follow on Twitter to get all the latest news.

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