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PsyHotel Simulator, Dark Hotel Management Game

by Thelget

Ultimate Games S.A. has announced their game PsyHotel Simulator, a new project by the independent Polish studio RG Crew, will launch on PC in Q1 2021. The release will combine, among others, tactical and stealth elements, hotel management and black comedy. The player’s goal will be to eliminate psychopathic criminals hosted at his establishment. The game will also release on Nintendo Switch and probably on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

About PsyHotel Simulator

In the game PsyHotel Simulator, the player manages the hotel and carries out orders involving the liquidation of specific guests. The developers indicate that it is best to get to know the background and the habits of the target, before carefully planning out their termination.

As the developers explain, PsyHotel Simulator is an unusual project – a mix of many different genres and a reversal of various mechanics known from other games. The player will step into the shoes of The Boss, a contract assassin who also runs a hotel. It just so happens that the usual clients of this centre are various shady characters. However, the goal of the game will not be to properly see to the needs of the clients – like in typical tycoon games – but rather to eliminate them.

PsyHotel Simulator Game ss1

The Boss is one part Hitman, one part Dexter Morgan. He’s certainly an unconventional and unusual character. The hotel we will manage is something completely unique. Our inspirations include hotels known from The Shining and the John Wick movies, but also Arkham, known from the Batman universe”.

Piotr Rycąbel, RG Crew’s main programmer
PsyHotel Simulator Game ss2


  • a hotel full of psychopathic criminals;
  • a crazy mix of genres;
  • diverse gameplay;
  • clever traps and fake accidents;
  • black comedy;
  • crafting and hotel management;
  • career and casual modes.

Release Information

The game, PsyHotel Simulator, is scheduled to premiere on Steam for PC in Q1 2021. Additionally, the game is expected to appear on Nintendo Switch, and the publisher does not exclude the possibility that the game will also launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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