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Project Genesis Closed Playtest Signup

by Thelget

8 Circuit Studios officially begins closed playtest access for the self-funded indie title, Project Genesis on February 1 at 3pm PST. During this phase of testing, players will contribute feedback that will be analyzed by the development team to influence decisions on the direction of the game. Project Genesis is currently in pre-production and is now taking signups on www.projectgenesis.com for the opportunity to get involved in both current and future waves of testing.

Project Genesis Closed Playtest

Project Genesis Closed Playtest Info

The closed playtests will provide the most exclusive access to any players, referred to as Test Pilots. Test Pilots will be hosted by the development team in small groups and will be capped based on a limited number of Steam keys and the needs of the developers.

Additional dates and times for playtests will be announced as game development progresses.

Project Genesis Closed Playtest ss1

“We’re looking for those who love first person shooter games and space combat with an interest in helping shape the direction of a new genre. If you care about game quality and want to experience a unique take on frenetic space combat, apply to be a Project Genesis Test Pilot today.”

Terry Hammer, Producer of Project Genesis

After the earliest Test Pilots have concluded closed playtesting, a traditional Alpha stage will be announced and more widely available. The general time frame of the open Alpha is scheduled to begin in Summer of 2019.

For an opportunity join and contribute to the direction of Project Genesis, a 1st person and space combat genre mashup in space, prospective Test Pilots can submit both an email address on the Project Genesis website and join the conversation in Discord.

Project Genesis Closed Playtest ss2

About Project Genesis

In​ Project Genesis,​ players inhabit the A.I. mind of a support ship that learns that it must choose between self-sacrifice to save the last vestiges of the human race, or opt for self-determination to embark on its own destiny. This AI’s quest for preservation sets players out into the stars to pilot space cruisers and engage in furious combat that allows them to destroy their enemies using advanced technologies, fortify their ships from damage, and board enemy ships. Once the boarding party lands on the enemy ship, players will enter a first-person perspective as they infiltrate and eradicate enemy forces from the inside out. Destroying control points and clearing the ship gives one control over their enemy’s ship. Capturing ships and completing missions generate payouts to the victor, which take the form of XP, weapons, ammo, and in-game credits.

More Information

For more information check out the official website for Project Genesis. Additionally, join them on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

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