Papetura Handcrafted Adventure

Indie developer Petums released a new trailer and additional information for Papetura, a handcrafted adventure game. Papetura is made entirely out of animated paper. From tiny insects, strange creatures, monsters, and truly magical locations everything is cut and glued by hand. Along with beautiful music made by Floex (Tomas Dvorak), it creates a mysterious and unique paper world, shrouded in shadow and light.

About Papetura

Papetura tells a story about a lonely paper creature – Pape, trapped in a flowery prison. One day Pape manages to escape the captivity, and along the way, he finds little Tura – magical being that from now on he will be taking care of. Together they will have to face dark and flaming monsters which will try to burn down their paper world.

Papetura Handcrafted Adventure ss1


  • Unique Point & Click  Adventure experience.
  • Everything in the game is handcrafted out of paper making the fantasy paper-world more believable.
  • Atmospheric, flowing music created by Floex, the famous artist known for soundtracks to Machinarium, Samorost series, and many award-winning albums.
  • Puzzles are a part of the world.
  • The story told by animation and sounds, without any dialogues.

For many years, the game was being created alone by Tomasz Ostafin ‘Petums’, but now with the help of composer Tomas Dvorak ‘Floex’ and sound designer Juraj Mravec, the journey is at the end.

Papetura Handcrafted Adventure ss2

“Inspired by architecture, macro-worlds and handcrafted games such as The Neverhood, I’m trying to make something unique and believable, solely out of paper and light surrounding it. I hope you will enjoy the final result, and meanwhile ask you kindly to spread the word  about the game and help Papetura see the light!”

Tomasz Ostafin, Developer

More Information

Read more about Papetura handcrafted adventure by visiting the official website. Also, wishlist the game now on Steam via the store page and follow the Papetura on Twitter and Facebook.

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