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Orion13 VR Game First Look

by Thelget

Metro VR Studios (MVRS), an independent virtual reality (VR) video game development company, has unveiled the first trailer for its inaugural game Orion13, a first-person, hack-and-slash VR adventure. Marking the first installment of an action-packed trilogy, Orion13 releases on Feb. 13, 2020, through the Oculus and Steam stores.

About Orion13

You are Orion13, a newly self-aware combat robot who believes her memory implants are her own… and you just want to go home. Fight your way through a futuristic robot society using swords, stuns, and shields with a host of colorful friends and foes.

Using advanced open locomotion with Inverse Kinematics, players battle their way through enemy robots in a truly immersive VR experience. The title features multiple levels of gameplay, interactive puzzles, and an original electronic soundtrack interwoven with a cinematic story arc.

Orion13 VR Game ss1

“We set out to create a compelling action-adventure VR game aimed at hardcore gamers like ourselves. We designed it as a game we wanted to play and focused on key elements we felt were missing from the VR marketplace: open-world locomotion and fast-paced action. That’s what will set Orion13 apart from other titles available today. Now that it’s done, I’m excited to finally give fellow gamers their first glimpse of what they can expect come February 13th.”

Scott Matalon, founder and president, MVRS
Orion13 VR Game ss2


  • A compelling story that elevates the overall VR experience
  • Open locomotion and free-turn movement, for total freedom of maneuverability
  • First-person Inverse Kinematics
  • Fast-paced, fluid combat
  • Inventory of unique powerups and interactive objects
  • Complex puzzles that vary in difficulty
  • Increasingly challenging and faster combat as the game progresses
  • Arena mode with global leaderboard

More Info

For a behind-the-scenes look,  watch an exclusive gameplay interview with creators Matalon and Co-Producer & Musical Director Ron Arra, Jr. Orion13 VR game will be available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets on February 13th. Check out the Steam store page for more details.

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