NUMB Indie Horror Game

Rico’s Lab announced their debut Indie horror game, NUMB, will release on 27th September 2019. Numb will put you in the position to experience some of the sleep phases, through James, a normal guy with some stress problems affecting his sleep. Are you ready to live, or die, in a dream? Is it actually a dream?

About Numb

James is a young man who just moved to his new house in the state of California. The house originally belonged to Ms. Karen Johnson. The beautiful stunning home was pursued by other buyers, despite the many rumors heard throughout the small community of Escondido. Many speak of strange situations which may have happened in the home during the 1950s.

NUMB Indie Horror Game ss1

It was during this time the famous fashion designer Tiffany Johnson resided in the house. She lived a life of luxury while being well known for her alcohol and drug abuse. Tiffany was burdoned by the chronic psychological problems of her only son who spent most of his time in a psychiatric clinic. Eventually, all these factors led to Tiffany committing suicide through a drug overdose.

Her granddaughter, Karen, inherited the house but never moved in because she wanted to forget what she went through at this place when she was a child. Now James, a normal person with just some… sleep problems will have trouble moving to a place like that. He should have thought twice before buying this house

NUMB Indie Horror Game ss2

Now you must uncover the mysteries buried within the houses memory through the eyes of James. Some things are better left alone.

Coming To Steam

NUMB indie horror game launches on Steam September 27th, visit the store page to learn more. Additionally, read more about the developer and their debut game by visiting their official website.

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