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Noita Early Access Launch Date

by Thelget

Nolla Games announced Noita, an action roguelite game in which every pixel is simulated, hits Early Access on September 24th 2019. The game will be available on Steam, Humble Store and itch.io.

About Noita

Noita (Finnish for “Witch”) is a magical action rogue-lite set in a mysterious world where every pixel is physically simulated. Inspired by underground classics such as Liero and falling sand games as well as modern roguelikes and -lites, Noita has the players fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze and explode their way through a procedurally generated world using spells of their own creation. 

The game is being developed by the creators of Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Swapper and Baba Is You. Noita uses Nolla Games’ in-house Falling Everything Engine.

Noita Early Access ss1


  • Pixel-based physics: Every pixel in the world is simulated. Burn, explode or melt anything. Swim in the blood of your foes!
  • Action roguelite: Death is permanent and always a looming threat. When you die, don’t despair, use what you’ve learned to get further on your next adventure.
  • Your own magic: Create new spells as you delve deeper into the caverns. Use your magic to crush your enemies and manipulate the world around you.
  • Procedurally generated world: Explore a unique world every time you play. Discover new environments as you adventure deeper.
Noita Early Access ss2

More Information

Learn more about Noita early access by visiting the official website, Steam store page, Humble Store and itch.io. Additionally, follow the developer on Twitter to get the latest updates.

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