Mutropolis Sci-Fi Archaeological Adventure

Pirita Studios announced that Mutropolis sci-fi archaeological adventure game set to release the second half of 2019. 100% point & click, developed by two people with two computers and a single vision. Coming to Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux gamers.

About Mutropolis

In the 25th century, the great humankind achievements, such as pyramids or Humphrey Bogart’s movies, were completely forgotten. Henry and his nerdy team of archaeologists have been working hard for years, on the ground, digging treasures with the extremely rare hallmark “Made in China” and watching weird Indiana Jones documentaries.

Until some dog-looking God comes to ruin everything.

Mutropolis Sci-Fi Archaeological Adventure ss1

Born From Passion

Pirita Studio, consisting of developer-duo Pablo González and Beatriz Gascón, formed out of a passion to create something of their own. As a couple they had some game development experience but neither had previous programming experience. Pablo had worked as a pixel artist and design while Beatriz was doing freelance illustration and teaching.

We chose a genre we can handle: Adventure games. Also, we really love the genre. We started the process with a brainstorming. Our starting point was to design a classic adventure with treasure hunting, expeditions, supernatural powers,etc. Setting the game in the future, we wanted to build a contradiction (old school adventure vs futuristic set up).

Beatriz Gascón – Script & Game Designer, Pirita Studio

Mutropolis’ theme was inspired by Pablo’s love for sci-fi and Beatriz’s obsession with everything Indiana Jones, so they mixed them together. Ultimately, the game represents all things the couple love and wanted to culminate in their first release as Pirita Studio.

Mutropolis Sci-Fi Archaeological Adventure ss2


  • Point & Click.
  • 100% Hand-Made graphics.
  • Over 50 scenes, full of weird cute characters.
  • Archaeological puzzles with a Sci-FI touch.
  • Travel to the future, research the past.
  • Absolutely indie.

More Information

Idealy Pirita Studio plans to release the game in the late 2019 but although the game is mostly complete, they’re reviewing publisher options.

To get the latest information or simply learn more about Mutropolis sci-fi archaeological adventure game, visit the official website. In addition, check out the Steam store page for updated release info or to wishlist the game.

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