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Marvel Heroes is closing its doors

by Chuck

Released June 4, 2013, Marvel Heroes has provided its fans with various levels of entertainment. The massive multiplayer online action role-playing game in its initial form provided players a glimpse into the Marvel universe. Marvel Heroes allowed players to take on the world as some of Marvel’s most notable heroes ranging from Captain America to Thor.  The game has since added more than 50 characters allowing players to experience heroes and villains alike with Venom and Dr. Doom being our most favored. It was recently repackaged and released on console in the form of Marvel Heroes Omega and garnered a positive welcome. Unfortunately, It’s repackaging wasn’t enough to save the title. On November 15th, Gazillion announced it would be shutting down the title on December 31st this year. Marvel Heroes players on console may have an opportunity to request refunds if you purchased any of the characters by submitting a ticket here. There is absolutely no guarantee that Gazillion will honor your request but there have been reports that refunds are being supplied for console users.

Good luck with your refunds and farewell Marvel Heroes you will be missed!

Marvel Heroes

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