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Lawbreakers Final Open Beta Before Launch

by Thelget

LawBreakers, the gravity-defying first person shooter from Boss Key Productions, officially launches on Aug. 8th but players have one more chance to take it for a test drive.  Lawbreakers final open beta starts July 28th at 10am CT and runs until July 31st.  Players will have the opportunity to play all of the content from each previous beta to date, including eight roles, six maps, and four modes.  You can visit Steam or PlayStation® to start pre-downloading the build now.

This is a last call for those players who haven’t experienced the groundbreaking, gravity-defying combat of LawBreakers to test their skills and allows those returning players eager for an edge on day one to come back and prove their dominance. LawBreakers’ thrilling omni-directional gunplay is guaranteed to challenge even the best players to bring their skills, get off the ground and deliver death from every angle with innovative movement systems and combat abilities.

Lawbreakers Final Open Beta SS1

Lock and Load

Lawbreakers final open beta delivers on Boss Key Productions’ tradition of iterating on the game’s balance and design based off community feedback along with giving players an opportunity to check out the near final game. Following is a rundown of what players can expect, and more reasons to jump into the beta this Friday:

  • The ability to unlock and equip any of the launch Stash Drop contents during the beta, including all skins, stickers, and profile pics
  • A first-look at the Wraith and Assassin’s Kinetic Blades, a special one-week exclusive item that all players can get when logging into the full game during Aug. 8-15
  • Check out all the balance changes and fixes made based on community feedback from previous beta periods
  • Experience the improvements made to matchmaking
  • On PC, test out the game’s Twitch features including account-link, Broadcasting LIVE icon and more

Lawbreakers Final Open Beta SS2

The Game

LawBreakers is a multiplayer FPS in which the laws of physics are shattered, creating intense gravity-based combat across the ground and air of futuristic landscapes. Players either fight to uphold the “Law” or go out for blood as a “Breaker,” as they jump into competitive team-based matches that take place across iconic locations including the boiling oceans off the Santa Monica coastline to a gravity-ravaged Grand Canyon.

Choose Your Role

Wraith – Armed with an automatic pistol in one hand and an explosive blade in the other, Wraiths can leap off walls and air pockets just as easily as they can slide through enemy defenses. They can tap into the dormant gravitational energy around them to distort time to slow their targets into submission.

Assassin – The Assassin excels in close-quarters-combat. Capable of grappling to any surface or target, dashing in any direction, and disorienting incoming enemies and projectiles, the Assassin is a deceptive enemy that can traverse the battlefield with deadly grace.

Battle Medic – The high-flying Battle Medic can rain explosives from high up while simultaneously keeping multiple teammates alive. Their cohort of medical drones, a deadly grenade launcher, and a backup energy pistol allow the Battle Medic to weave between contributing to the carnage and helping their allies achieve greatness.

Enforcer – Agile and armed to the teeth, the Enforcer comes loaded with a well-rounded arsenal suitable for many situations. A time-distorting ability capable of increasing weapon and movement speed for nearby allies makes the Enforcer a stalwart alley and a fearsome enemy.

Gunslinger – An expert at precision combat, capable of unleashing a flurry of shots from simultaneously wielding two very different guns, the Gunslinger is a lethal marksman with unpredictable movement. Combined with the ability to teleport short distances, and a tactical knife that reveals enemy positions, the Gunslinger can rip through enemy defenses before they even knew he was there.

Juggernaut – The fearsome Juggernaut units can barrel through defenses just as easily as they can take the punishment. Also with an armored protocol system and a deployable energy shield, Juggernauts can hold out long enough to get close, then finish their targets with a devastating shotgun and blade capable of tearing through any personal armor.

Titan – No one in capable of pulverizing through the enemy’s defensive line quite like the Titan. They can dispatch multiple enemies just as easily as a single one. Enrage them enough and they’ll go into a berserker rage, unleashing a devastating stream of electrical mayhem while pushing their stamina to the limits.

Vanguard – Vanguards feature full-fight capabilities with afterburners strapped to their backs, a powerful tri-core cannon mounted to their suits, and an array of cluster grenades that can carpet a location in anti-personnel explosives. Once charged up, their suits can turn a Vanguard into a veritable fireball, capable of shattering enemies on impact and distorting gravity around them.

Harrier – Laser guns, laser boots, laser blasts. The Harrier wields intense energy as deftly as a martial artist wields their fists, not only using its power as a weapon, but also as a way to cut across the combat zone. In addition to being capable of dealing a constant stream of damage from a distance, the Harrier also provides their allies with a resupply point for them to rally towards.

Check Out Lawbreakers Final Open Beta Now

LawBreakers (ESRB-rated M) is set to launch simultaneously on PlayStation®4 and Steam on Aug. 8 at a starting price point of just $29.99 for the Core Edition and $39.99 for the Deadzo Deluxe Edition which features a variety of exclusive in-game content. Also, Pre-order now and receive additional, exclusive in-game character skins. In addition, all future non-cosmetic content updates are included with these editions of the game.

For more information on LawBreakers and to play the beta visit:www.lawbreakers.com

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