Kingshunt Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Vaki Games released the first gameplay teaser trailer for Kingshunt, showing tower defence and minion commands, and player PvP action. Kingshunt utilizes the power of SpatialOS to provide online multiplayer battles at a colossal scale.

Kingshunt Gameplay Teaser Trailer

About Kingshunt

Kingshunt is a 3rd person Online Multiplayer Action game, combining the genres of tower defense, real-time strategy and hack and slash. One team defends the base with buildable towers and the other team attacks with controllable minions. Players can be heroes and monsters within a medieval setting.

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  • Unique hero classes with special abilities – every character has unique abilities allowing the player to attack and defend in a way that plays to an individual player’s own strategy and strengths.
  • Massive Multiplayer Asymmetrical Hack and Slash
  • Epic fantasy battles ravaging on several arenas – multiple arenas, fighting at the same time in one big war.
  • Dynamic tower defense and summoner elements – One team must defend their base by building towers, while the other attack with a legion of minions.

Additional Information

This is the earliest stage of the game tests where players can give their feedback on basic game mechanics including PvP, tower placement, balance as well as art direction. We will be listening very closely to everybody at Discord, on our forums and other social networks for every piece of feedback you got! Sign-up for closed tests!

Read more about Kingshunt on their official website. Also, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and join in on Discord.

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Game Announcements

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