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Hyde & Zeke, Fantasy Stealth Game Coming In June

by Thelget

Developer Mystic Mask Media announced their debut release Hyde & Zeke, a fantasy stealth game is set to release in June, 2020. Navigate the darkness of a mysterious castle as Hyde, searching for a light of hope.

About Hyde & Zeke

Hyde and Zeke is stealth game about a boy using light magic to escape a dark castle. The stakes are higher though as a cloaked figure chases him through the castle.

Deep in the darkness, a boy wanders to find his way as a mysterious figure lurks. The boy searches for the light of hope. He hides among the shadows while the other seeks to seize the light away.

Hyde & Zeke Stealth Game ss1

Join Hyde as he attempts to escape the castle. Collect keys, cast magic, and hide behind objects as you try to avoid the mysterious figure trying to hinder Hyde’s progress.​


  • Dynamic Lighting System
  • 3D Sounds
  • Whimsical Hand-Drawn Animation
  • Open-Ended Storyboard Ending
  • Multiple Difficulties
  • Online Leaderboards
Hyde & Zeke Stealth Game ss2

Meet the developer

Mystic Mask Media is a small indie game company that appreciates humor and takes inspiration from anime and other eastern influences. They strive to make tactical and thought-provoking games. With a goal to create games that challenge players and get them involved at a higher level, Hyde & Zeke starts them on their journey.

These are the kinds of games we enjoy, and hope that our fans will enjoy them with us.

Mystic Mask Media

More Info

To learn more about Hyde & Zeke stealth game, check out the official website or the Steam store page. Also, follow Mystic Mask Media on social media by connecting on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch.

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