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Helheim Hack n’ Slash Game Title

34BigThings announced their first published game, Helheim by Not A Number, is now available for digital purchase on Steam. A frantic hack n’ slash game, Helheim is the first game of a small and passionate group of new developers, with which 34BigThings is proud to have collaborated.

Helheim Hack n’ Slash Game Trailer

A Project of Passion

“As our first game, Helheim has been a veritable passion project.” says Federico Giorsetti, NAN’s Game Designer. “Through 34BigThings’ guidance, we have learnt how to improve the game in several ways, and the game has reached a point of quality that we wouldn’t have been able to reach in such a short amount of time”

About Helheim

Helheim has been invaded by a mysterious enemy armed with powerful technology. Take control of the goddess of death, Hella, and reconquer your reign by defeating anyone who stands in your way. Brand your sword to kill your enemies with their own projectiles and unleash superhuman powers to annihilate them.

Helheim Hack n’ Slash Game ss2

As the goddess Hella, players will descend into a sci-fi version of the Norse underworld, unleashing furious combat moves and powerful abilities to reconquer Hella’s stolen kingdom.

“The release of Helheim marks a very important moment in the history of 34BigThings. Incubating Not A Number and aiding them in releasing their first game has been a true pleasure, and by mentoring them we hope to aid Italy’s burgeoning game development scene as a whole, allowing us to pass on our expertise to newer studios.”

Valerio Di Donato, 34BigThings’ CE
Helheim Hack n’ Slash Game ss1


  • Kill an entire army with Hack’n’Slash mechanics
  • Dodge myriads of bullets and deflect them wielding your sword
  • Collect and use powerful runes to unleash the true powers of a goddess of death
  • Explore the Norse kingdom of death, corrupted by a mysterious technology

Available Now On Steam

Visit the Steam store page for more details, Helheim is available now with a 10% discount. Also, follow Not A Number on Twitter or Facebook.

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