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Hazardous Space Turn-Based Action RPG

by Thelget

Black Tower Entertainment announced the release of Hazardous Space, 2D survival game with RPG elements in the best traditions of roguelike games. Using tactics, various kinds of weapons, and your character’s skills, fight your way through hordes of enemies and try to get off the station.

Hazardous Space Turn-Based Action RPG Trailer

About Hazardous Space Game

A dangerous survival adventure in space station labirynths. Turn-based combat, character progression, the atmosphere of impending threat. Collect and modify weapons, stock up on ammunition and first-aid kits, use your brain and think two steps ahead. Between you and the exit from the station – a horde of enemies who know nothing about fear or mercy. The Story

Hazardous Space Game ss2

The Story

It’s 2115. Something terrible has happened on board the research space station Wanderer, and the former space marine Max Carnage becomes an unwilling participant in these events. To survive, he will need to remember his military past. Collect weapons, stock up on ammo and med kits, engage your wits and your tactical thinking. Because between you and the way off the station is a horde of rampaging enemies, who do not know the meaning of mercy or fear.

If you think navigating the space station maze designed by a maniacal misanthrope’s sick mind will be easy – you are deeply mistaken. Max will have to wade through the mazes, crowded with traps, enemies and other surprises. A simple straight path is for wimps!

Hazardous Space Game ss1


  • Craft system and resource management – From rusty knuckles to super-mega-blaster – feel like a master gunsmith!
  • Wide selection of weapons – Grenades, machine guns, brass knuckles, pistols… Not enough? Each weapon can have an elemental damage module!
  • Hordes of diverse enemies – Zombies, mutants, mutant zombies, monsters from laboratories, zombie monsters from laboratories… Did I mention zombies?
  • High replayability – Each new attempt feels like the first time because the levels are generated procedurally.

More Information

Visit the Steam store page for Hazardous Space to learn more, the game is available now with a 15% launch discount! Also, follow the game on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest development updates.

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