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Gatewalkers Open Alpha Begins

by Thelget

The Polish studio, A2 Softworks, announced the start of their open alpha for their survival RPG game, Gatewalkers. Alpha will take place on March 26th – 29th to expand testing the game, building on feedback and suggestions of the growing Gatewalkers community. Check out the new trailer to celebrate the next phase of the development journey.

About Gatewalkers

Gatewalkers is a cooperative action-survival production with RPG elements, in which players will travel through different worlds to save their own. They will explore procedurally generated lands and face their inhabitants or other challenges, such as extreme weather conditions or toxic air.

In the game, you take on the role of one of the “Gatewalkers”. You are a member of an elite organization called Guild, which, in order to save their homeland, explores distant corners of the universe.

During your journey through the gates you will face various dangers and all you can depend on are your reflexes, the ability to move around the battlefield, plan your actions and cooperate. Enemies that you will face will require you to adjust your strategy and equipment. In Gatewalkers, with the change of your equipment comes a change of your fight style – all the skills are attributed to particular elements of your armor and weapons.

The survival part of the game will expose RPG lovers to new challenges, which are rare in this genre. Looking for resources needed to craft new weapons, maintaining good mental health or caring for other basic needs of the character are only some of the offered mechanics.

Gatewalkers Open Alpha ss1


  • Team Co-op – team up with up to 4 players, fight terrifying monsters, survive extreme weather conditions and stay alive!
  • World exploration – each world type introduces a unique survival mechanic that forces players to adapt
  • Team survival – share the responsibilities, surviving is easier together than alone
  • Skill based combat – no target system: all of the skills may be missed
  • Crafting – choose an item, get the materials and appropriate recipe in order to build it
  • You are what you wear – there are no character-classes, (with your clothing) you (can) decide what your strategy will be
  • Procedural worlds generation – you never know what will happen after you cross the Gate…
Gatewalkers Open Alpha ss2

Gatewalkers Open Alpha Phase

In the newest alpha build players will have the opportunity to explore an ice land not shown to the public before, with a new survival mechanic, new monsters, new boss and even larger emphasis on cooperation, which now involves not only fights but also interactions. Additionally, the alpha will feature an expedition, which you will be able to finish only in cooperation with other players. The game now offers also more weapons, equipment and a new skill tree.

  • New alpha tests are an important step for us – said Andrzej Stroiński from A2 Softworks. – We are constantly introducing a lot of changes and improvements, which could not be done without the input of those that will be affected the most – the players. We would like to thank all of them for their support!

More Information

Get the latest info about the game or open alpha by visiting the Steam store page and the official website. Additionally, follow the developer on Twitter and Facebook.

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