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Galaxy Race VR: Review

by Chuck

I am back with another review and this time it is a Virtual Reality Game known as Galaxy Race VR.  I typically like to get into the company’s history and other projects but this company appears to be fairly new and only has one other Early Access Title “VR Drivers” on their list of achievements. Thus we are going to get right into the Galaxy Race Review.

Galaxy Race VR: Review

Remember the feeling of playing the original Mario Cart and Blazing down the track with the full intention of knocking off the lead car with a turtle shell? Remember getting that much-needed boost to propel you into the lead right as you crossed the finish line? In Galaxy Race, you are a racer on a hover disc of which you are required to lean in all direction to make it go where you want it to go. You have various tools, bombs, mini explosive discs, and boost pads that help you gain the edge if you used correctly.

Galaxy Race VR attempts to teach you the core mechanics in an intuitive but smoothly flowing tutorial. It then throws you into a race where it allows you to use some of those mechanics. The learning curve felt smooth and once I completed the tutorial I felt as if I understood exactly how to play.

Joining an AI race I quickly dropped to 4th place missing all the boost pads with epic maneuvering. The second lap I got things going, throwing my disc to slow racers down, and speeding towards a second place victory. After three races and various defeats, I put down the VR headset to applaud. My kids were standing behind me marveled by my excellence as I had swiveled my disc to victory. The gameplay is exhilarating, extremely enjoyable, and upon release, I will be the top Galaxy Racer in the country.


The graphics have a TRON feel making any fan of its artistic style appreciate Galaxy Race VR.


I felt although the audio is sufficient for an Early Access game. The sounds were futuristic, and the stage music added to the overall immersion.


The controls are a first of the kind and they work very well for Galaxy Race VR. The leaning to speed up, and maneuver does not inhibit it enhances the experience.  The controls allow the player to experience the game not worrying about where the controls are mapped. This game has body motion, disc throwing, boost maneuvering, and sleek tracks. The controls are masterfully done and provide the gamer with a sense of complete immersion.

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