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Fund Your Game With Alliance Digital Media

by Thelget

If you’re developing a game and need financial assistance, fund your game With Alliance Digital Media.  The video game publisher and distributor expands financing program to help independent developers bring bold games to market.

Alliance Media Holdings Inc. (ADTR.PK), a publisher, developer and distributor of video games and interactive gaming products, has announced an expansion of its core services, and has rebranded its Alliance Digital Media division to reflect this evolution. The revamped initiative includes a new focus on delivering direct development financing to independent game makers with a flexible range of $50,000 to $500,000 per title, along with Alliance’s core suite of publishing services.

“We’re in an age where game developers have more options than ever for bringing their creations to life and to market. Alliance Digital Media is an unequivocal response to that landscape,” said Alliance’s chairman and CEO Jay Gelman. “From straight development funding to securing prime placement in digital and retail marketplaces – and everything in between – Alliance is here to fund talented indie visionaries and help them connect with new audiences without giving up creative control. We offer a reliable and experienced partner, one that understands the realities of modern game-making and has tailored its services competitively to help you succeed.”

Fund Your Game

The Alliance Digital Media investment initiative is the latest in a series of recent moves by the company designed to diversify its offerings across the worlds of investment, development support, publishing, marketing and distribution, as well as retail and digital. Most notably, it builds on last year’s purchase of the assets of Zachtronics LLC, the brainchild of game development prodigy Zach Barth, best-known for titles like Infinifactory, SpaceChem, TIS-100 and Ironclad Tactics.

As a developer, there has never been so many avenues to fund your game as there is today.  In addition to crowdsourcing, Alliance Digital Media is another resource worth investigating.  A complete breakdown of Alliance Digital Media’s services is available at its new website, www.AllianceDigitalMedia.com.

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