Friday Team Stream!

Fridays are my “Game with Friends” night.  Friends, viewers, pugs, whatever… Its about gaming with other people and having some fun.  Tonight (@ 10pm CT) we return to BROFORCE! with my man PyroReaper17.  We’re more likely to kill each other than we are to defeat the evil aggressors in the game, but hell if we don’t do it in awesomely explosive fashion!


Following BROFORCE, I’ll be joining up with some guild members for defending the helpless on the streets of New York in “THE DIVISION“.


Stop by Twitch.Tv/Thelget and say hi!

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Rumored to be one of the most awful gamers in the western hemisphere, Thelget continues to awe the world with his noobness. Since the invent of the home computer he has found new ways to completely suck at any game he's gotten his hands on. Seriously, this guy sucks at gaming!

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