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Floods, Fallout and Fratricide

by Thelget

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  That is what I tried to keep telling myself this past week as I struggled through the worst flooding to my area since 2001.  I’ve not even lived in the state for a year, so this is all new to me, but when you get 15+ inches of rain in less than 14 hours (estimated 140 billion gallons of water rained over the area), its never going to be good.  It all led to several days stranded at home, unable to get out of my neighborhood for anything since water levels ranged from 3-5ft.  The good news?  I had internet!


Despite the internet not going out I didn’t manage to stream or do a whole lot of playing during the week simply because dealing with damage to the house, the stress of being trapped and uncertainty as it continued to rain, all just left me feeling a bit frustrated and too annoyed to be entertaining.  My apologies to everyone that normally tunes in and for not communicating what exactly was going on, why my channel went dead.


Throwing The General off the dam!


Fallout New Vegas was finally finished, Yes Man now rules the wasteland! I’ve gone ahead and preserved a save point that will allow me to go back and pursue different alternate endings at some point.  With the completion New Vegas I’ve gone ahead and taken at step into Fallout 4 although I’m only about 30 minutes into the game at this point, due to the interruption of “The Flood”.  I plan to return to streaming Fallout this week with regularity, so hope to get you back for the ride!


My last bit of blog-stuff is The Division, which I have continued to play in short spurts despite a list of bugs that have kept my friends from playing.  It looks like they’ve patched most of them recently except the elite damage mitigation bug that persists (Forbes Article).  So hopefully this will return as my Friday Night coop stream, which I’ll do regardless of friends being able to join.. we can always PuG a team.  Speaking of friends, and this brings me to the last point, why can’t we have friendly fire in The Division?  I’m not sure how it should be done without it turning into “rogue” gankers, but some sort of friendly fire penalty during missions/instances would be interesting and adding a bit of realism.  Think about it, talk among yourselves 🙂

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