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“FeArea” Team Mech Combat Enters Early Access

by Thelget

MUVGAMES just announced FeArea Early Access, a team action game with MOBA elements. The action takes place in the original Sci-Fi setting in the distant future. Featuring isolated mysterious planets, various combat machines, giant walking robots and furious battles!

FeArea Early Access

FeArea will take you to the distant future, where human life is the supreme value, so all conflicts are resolved by the means of cybergladiators. High-end technologies of the future allow the creation of digital copies of a human pilot’s mind to operate tanks, vehicles, and robots without the least bit of harm to the human.

You have three classes of combat vehicles in your hangar, each featuring its unique gameplay. They are equipped with the most powerful weapons, lasers, plasma guns, and rockets. The deadliest weapons are capable of destroying enemy machines AND buildings! Unreal Engine 4 makes sure none of this violates the laws of physics!

FeArea Early Access ss1


  • 5×5 team battles. No boring minion farming involved
  • AI partners (that is, bots) can act as allies or enemies; You’ve got no online friends? No worries! You can play with the advanced bots!
  • Units upgrade system. The unique build of every combat unit takes into account your very own style
  • Unique matchmaking system to ensure the quick entry into battle
  • Everyone’s favorite game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and “Capture the Flag”, with different winning conditions. You may have to destroy the enemy’s base or collect a certain number of frags to win!
  • Combat perks, both class and combat unit-specific.

FeArea Early Access ss2

Act together and combine classes to win! Head to the distant corners of the Universe, fight on dozens of different planets, prove your right to be the champions!  Travel to the future together with FeArea! Engage in the most spectacular and dynamic combat, dominate war theaters, complete party quests, defend your territory or fight to death in 5v5 teams!

More Information

FeArea is from Russian game developer MUVGames so unfortunately I could not find an English language website, so if you speak Russian, visit the game’s website here.  FeArea is available in Early Access on Steam starting today! Join now to participate in cyberbattles of the future! You can also get a unique Early Access bonus!  Visit FeArea Early Access Steam store page for more.

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