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Enlightenment Action Shooter Released Today

by Thelget

Independent video game company Coconut Island Games and developer Lizard King have officially launched the roguelike action shooter Enlightenment. The game is out now on Windows PC via Steam for $8.99, after a 25% off discount available for one week starting today.

About Enlightenment Action Shooter

A grisly top-down dungeon crawler, Enlightenment is set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by the fall of an asteroid whose energies hold incredible powers. Venture deep into the Ark, a mysterious underground complex home to twisted inhabitants and deadly surprises around every corner.

Enlightenment Action Shooter ss1

Charge, roll, hack and shoot through a sprawling web of procedurally generated dungeons, surviving against a multitude of enemies in fast, challenging combat that demands quick reflexes and careful thinking. Arm yourself with a variety of new guns and items to help you stay alive and uncover the secrets that lay within the Ark’s darkest reaches.

Enlightenment Action Shooter  ss2


  • Procedurally-generated Dungeons – In the underground complex of The Ark, use the environment to your advantage as you fight against enemies in challenging scenarios that change every time you enter the game.
  • Unlockable Weapons and Items – As you return to the starting camp after death, talk to the different merchant to purchase potent unlockables like new guns and other consumables to help you on your next journey.
  • Difficulty and Hardcore Play – In the beginning you may die a lot, maybe even “a lot” a lot. Just give Enlightenment and yourself a bit more time and patience and everything’s going to be alright.
  • Smooth, Fast-paced Fighting Experience – As you get through the game, the fluidly-animated action and sense of accomplishment from overcoming what’s thrown to you will provide a rewarding experience. Stay wary though, as there are a lot surprises!
  • Weird, Post-Apocalyptic Story – In Enlightenment, you will obtain scattered information about the world constantly. These jigsaw pieces are hidden in item descriptions, the environment, and through NPC interactions which eventually form a “Big Picture” look about the end of the world and the society, culture, and religion that it left behind.

More Information

For more information, visit https://coconutisland.games, and follow Coconut Island on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  You can get Enlightenment now with a 25% discount, check out the Steam store page.

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