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Eden Falling Post-Apocalyptic RPG

by Thelget

Razor Edge Games announced its first title, the vast third-person, cinematic post-apocalyptic RPG, Eden Falling. Set in the South West territory of what remains of North America, experience a unique take on an old genre. Eden Falling comes to Steam Early Access later in 2020.

About Eden Falling

Entering Eden Falling, players face a world in ruins. Sixty-two years after Asteroid 410777 struck the Earth, the alien spores it carried have decimated civilization. In the After Fall, what little remained of humanity has split into tribe-like groups. To survive, they have been forced to fight over and control what remains. Customizing their character’s appearance, stats, skills and equipment, players begin their journey in this wasteland, a journey that extends far beyond themselves. With mechanics drawn from tabletop gaming, characters age and evolve over years in-game, gaining experience and skills but losing other’s abilities, like strength and speed, as they age. But character’s legacies don’t end if they retire or die, by building a family or traveling with Companions players can effectively pass on their skills to continue their story. 

Eden Falling Post-Apocalyptic RPG ss1

The expanse of the South West Territory is open for players to explore and filled with over 3,000 areas to explore that are stuffed with remnants of the past. Each environment is generated when it is first encountered, but then is locked as a unique location for the host and any friends in the game with them, with any changes becoming a permanent feature of that unique map. This world is populated with seven Factions to build relationships with, each with their own personalities and goals. Player’s cannot remain neutral between these groups, however, alliances are a necessary evil to survive when forced to contend with Marauders and other dangers. But the pendulum of opinion can be difficult to manage because taking a Contract from one Faction, such as the Texas Star, is likely to damage their standing with another.

Eden Falling Post-Apocalyptic RPG ss2


  • Single and multiplayer CRPG developed in the traditions of tabletop gaming
  • No class system offers complete freedom to customize characters 
  • Persistent world and characters that will change and age with time
  • Perma-death will see characters’ legacies continue with the Companion System
  • Undo unwanted outcomes by using Destiny Points
  • Modular Build that allows for an incredible number of areas and modding possibilities

Additional Information

Visit the official website for Eden Falling post-apocalyptic rpg game to get the latest news. Additionally, players can discover more about the world of the After Fall and prepare for the game’s release. Eden Falling hits Early Access later in 2020 but players can Wishlist the game now on Steam.

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