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Don’t Stand Out Battle Royale

by Thelget

Don’t Stand Out is a colorful multiplayer shooter where a single backflip can save you. It is like a Battle Royale game minus all the boring stuff. Don’t Stand Out is lightning fast, explosive and, above all, fun. Crush, burn and ice everything around – or be shattered into blocks!

Don’t Stand Out Battle Royale

Don’t Stand Out is a fast-paced take on the Battle Royale games – the ones where you have a few brief skirmishes in a half an hour match. The game uses the genre’s basics to build a multiplayer experience suited for short matches packed with action. You can play in a more traditional fashion – placing traps, controlling the location and moving between covers. Or just don’t give a monkey’s, run guns blazing and wreak havoc! It’s up to you. Don’t Stand Out is all about fun combat, not looting.

Don’t Stand Out Battle Royale ss1

The game’s action is packed with colorful voxel graphics. Because this explosive party just can’t take place is some gray+brown setting. And as it’s a party there sure are costumes! Don’t Stand Out features tons of customization options for your inner fashion killa.


  • Fast-paced take on the Battle Royale genre. You don’t have to look for the nearest enemy for minutes – everything is lightning fast.
  • Short matches packed with action. The game is perfect both for a work break and for that weekend gaming marathon.
  • Colorful looks. ‘Fun’ is the main focus for Don’t Stand Out – starting from it’s graphics.
  • Customisation. The game features tons of costumes for you to try.

Don’t Stand Out Battle Royale ss2More Information

Don’t Stand Out battle royale is developed by an independent studio Tantum Games. The game will be available in May on Steam Early Access.  Wishlist the game or get more information on Steam via the store page.


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