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Deadbeat Heroes Is Out Today On PC

by Thelget

Square Enix Collective’s 3D Brawler Deadbeat Heroes is out today on PC and XBox One.  Deadbeat Heroes merges dextrous movement with a slew of superpowers and a bag-load of one-liners, tasking players with dodging bullets in both solo and local co-op modes by leaping, dashing, wall-running, climbing and backflipping their way to victory.

Deadbeat Productions

The UK-based studio was founded by former Lionhead and Rockstar developers Adam Langridge and Imkan Hayati, with the two men having made their names working on big name triple-A franchises before setting out to realise their own vision.

“With Deadbeat Heroes we wanted to capture the spirit of classic fighters but update it for current gamers. The result is a fast, fluid, movement based brawler where you – and a friend – can show off while creating daft amounts of chaos around you,” details AdamLangridge, Director at Deadbeat Productions. “It’s our ode to some of the biggest and brightest brawlers of the past, as well as our take on where the genre can go. Deadbeat Heroes is for anyone who, like us, already loves the excitement and camaraderie of co-op fighters as well as action gamers who want to test their mettle with something new.”

Deadbeat Heroes Is Out Today SS1

40 Levels Of Mayham

Deadbeat Heroes makes its debut complete with 40 levels, each one populated by a range of different enemies who can be tamed with movement based attacks and 9 over-the-top superpowers. With the ability to block attacks intentionally removed the result is a style of combat that encourages swift reactions and a focus on versatility.

Deadbeat Heroes Is Out Today on PC

According to Phil Elliott Director of Indie Publishing, Square Enix West – Deadbeat Heroes is the perfect example of triple-A talent being given the freedom to try new things.

“Deadbeat Heroes brilliantly showcases exactly what Square Enix Collective is all about – supporting some of the industry’s brightest talent and giving them the opportunity to be truly creative,” says Phil Elliott. “This is without doubt one of the most purely fun games I’ve played in a long time.”

Available Today

Deadbeat Heroes is out today on Steam for PC, and the XBox Live Store for XBox One.  To follow the game on various social media platforms, check out below:



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