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Darksburg Closed Beta

by Thelget

Shiro Games announced the launch of their over-the-top medieval zombie coop game Darksburg into closed beta on Steam today (Dec. 4th). Open for all, players keen to join the closed beta can now register their interest via the official website.

About Darksburg

In Darksburg, up to four players team up to rid the titular medieval town of the ravenous zombies that have overrun it. To survive the undead horde, various colorful characters with special powers and abilities are at the player’s disposal, including Varag, escaped werewolf and man’s part-time best friend, or the viciously compassionate Sister Abigail. 

Darksburg Closed Beta ss1

Offering the best of challenging, fast-paced cooperative team play, players in Darksburg face off against the devious Revenants. These powerful zombie characters, either controlled by the AI or other humans in versus mode, will try their darndest to ambush our heroic band of misfits and thwart them in their quest for safety. Quick reflexes and expert use of the survivors’ distinctive abilities are needed to complete each objective-based map or to survive against overwhelming odds in the grueling Last Stand mode.

Darksburg Closed Beta ss2


  • Master unforgiving cooperative gameplay to survive the hordes of infected that overtook Darksburg.
  • Explore various maps with different objectives and gameplay modes, including the infamous Last Stand!
  • Manage (very) limited resources and master each survivor’s skills to prevail!
  • Play as the Revenants and plan the most devious ambushes to stop the Survivors!
  • Challenge your team with the highest difficulty levels for even greater rewards.
  • Improve your favorite survivors with items and unlockable talents.

Darksburg Closed Beta

The Darksburg closed beta will feature four playable Survivors and Revenants, three maps, and all the game modes, including Last Stand. The game is still in active development, with Shiro Games planning to allow testers to enter the closed beta at set intervals in the lead-up to the full launch sometime in February 2020. 

More Information

Get more details or wishlist Darksburg on Steam, join other fans on Discord or find more information on Facebook and Twitter.

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