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Close To The Sun Space Horror Coming in 2018

by Thelget

Storm in a Teacup has announced their fourth game, Close To the Sun to be released sometime in 2018.  In addition, they also confirmed their presence at Gamescom 2017Close to the Sun is a story driven horror game that takes place at the turn of the 20th century on a mysterious ship complex created by Nikola Tesla for the sake of science. In this alternative version of history, his scientific breakthroughs have already had a major impact on the world.

The Story

You’re Rose, a young journalist looking for your sister and, as you approach this enormous and glorious complex for the first time, you quickly realize that something there has gone horribly wrong…

Close to the Sun SS1

“This project is crucial for STC” said Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi, founder & Creative Director. “After the first three games, we came back bigger and stronger than ever. We want to tell you stories, and this time we’re going to tell you about a man who dared to defy the Sun, between horror and survival. As always, we aim for a peculiar art style which is STC’s trademark. In building the ship, we’ve been inspired by art deco, art nouveau and steampunk, since visuals for us is as important as the experience itself. Our challenges vary throughout the game but are all built around the general themes of survival and progress towards a promised salvation. Expressed more simply, our challenges generally come down to: there are many ways to die, but only one way to escape.”

Close to The Sun is being developed for the PC using the Unreal 4 Engine.  The availability on other platforms is yet to be determined, so keep an eye out for updates as the game is further developed.

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