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Chalet Free Mystery Adventure Game

by Thelget

The Chalet free mystery adventure game is now available for mobile and PC.  As a young private detective, can you solve the puzzles of the mysterious chalet?

About The Chalet Free Mystery Adventure Game

The player plays Lisa, a young private detective in charge of an investigation to find a missing scientist. Her investigation takes her to a mysterious chalet in the middle of a forest at night, but when she arrives, the place is deserted.

The game takes place over 7 chapters during which the player will have to explore the chalet from the cellar to the attic, he will have to find the objects allowing him to continue his progression and find the solution of the puzzles that will block his way.

The game offers graphics and a neat soundtrack, as well as a scenario integrating several characters that the player will discover as he progresses.

Chalet Free Mystery Adventure Game ss1


The Chalet is the first game developed and produced by Silent Escape Studio. The founder of the Studio, LOIC JOINT, independent developer for many years, but also graphic designer and musician, designed and developed this game entirely.

This game is destined to be the first of a long series of adventure games focusing on quality production, a strong atmosphere and an immersive story.

Chalet Free Mystery Adventure Game ss2


  • A mysterious and intriguing atmosphere, led by quality graphics and soundtrack.
  • A scenario and characters worked.
  • An advanced backup system, you never lose your progress!
  • A solution included in the game and visible in one click to never get stuck.
  • 7 chapters, explore the basement cottage in the attic!
  • 10 mini games to solve.
  • Game translated into English and French

More Information

You can play the game for free on PC or an Android device.  Check out their website for more details or download via the Play Store.

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