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Burn Bryte, Tabletop RPG For Online Play

by Thelget

Roll20 is bringing tabletop RPG online with their new pop science-fantasy themed game, Burn Bryte. Designed, developed and produced in-house, this roleplaying game is literally first in class. Stare oblivion in the face and dare to hope. On July 7, more than three years of incredibly hard work by many, many people will come to fruition.

About Burn Bryte Tabletop RPG

In Burn Bryte, the players build heroic characters who live together on a spaceship in the Olaxis Galaxy, a place of tenacious creatures and magic-powered tech. Its ancient celestial bodies are dotted with bygone mysterious ruins and highly advanced modern settlements. Olaxis is the last galaxy in the universe. A bright orange existence-consuming phenomenon, dubbed the Burn, surrounds and slowly closes in on Olaxis, wiping out entire solar systems as it makes its slow, inevitable advance.

“The team that worked on Burn Bryte was incredibly dedicated to creating a game that’s about hope against all odds, and doing what’s right, even as the universe burns around you. The gameplay mechanics are all about telling stories with giant highs and terrifying, oh-crap-we-broke-our-spaceship lows.”

James Introcaso, Lead Designer
Burn Bryte Tabletop RPG ss1

Backed By The Power of Roll20

Burn Bryte uses the power of Roll20 to let players roll fistfuls of dice with instant resolution, build super customizable characters with unique backstories in a matter of seconds, apply automated conditions to creatures with the click of a button, track shared resources, run white-knuckle spaceship battles with every player participating in a meaningful way, customize a spaceship together, roll on random tables instantly without flipping through pages, and do so much more. Roll20 is also taking digital safety to the next level with tools that allow players to let each other know – anonymously – when the game needs a slowdown or stop.

More Info

Roll20 is an expert in dosing out social-distance solutions for game night, with a virtual tabletop that connects over five million players every month. For more information about Burn Bryte, check out the official site.

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