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Broken Lines Tactical RPG Out Today

by Thelget

Publisher Super.com and developer PortaPlay released their alternate-history World War II (WWII) title, Broken Lines on PC. Broken Lines is a unique take on the Tactical RPG genre — featuring a heavy focus on a narrative that shows the impact of war on the hearts and minds of a tight-knit squad of soldiers attempting to battle their way home after a terrifying crash landing in unknown territory.

About Broken Lines

Broken Lines drops players behind enemy lines in an alternate-history WWII, where they take control of a squad of soldiers who must fight not only battlefield enemies; but with their own sense of right and wrong, to get back home. Through both tactical “pause and play” combat and immersive interactive dialogues, players will get a sense of the true horrors of war as they take their toll on the soldiers’ minds and bodies alike.

Broken Lines Tactical RPG ss1

“We believe Broken Lines will bring players a challenging, unique twist on the tactical genre while keeping them engaged with a compelling narrative focusing on soldiers and their sense of right and wrong.”

Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Creative Director at PortaPlay

Broken Lines features voice work from BAFTA-winning actress Cissy Jones (Firewatch, The Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto V, and Darksiders III) and character design and illustrations from artist Peter Snejbjerg, who has done creative work for comics-industry titans like DC, Vertigo, and Dark Horse.

Broken Lines Tactical RPG ss2


  • Squad based tactics-game with small scale skirmishes
  • Unique and customizable soldiers (stats, traits, special abilities, items etc.)
  • Tactical depth – suppression, destructible cover, realistic ballistics, camouflage etc.
  • Many special unlockable weapons and abilities (smoke, HE, mines, decoys, mortar strikes, spotter dogs, portable cover etc.).
  • Level scores rewarding completion time, kills, casualties, secondary objectives etc.
  • Multiplayer mode with short best-of-3 skirmishes for fast 1 vs 1 sessions

More Information

Broken Lines tactical RPG is out now on Steam and GOG on PC (Steam / GOG), with Nintendo Switch arriving soon.

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