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Blow It Up In Stacks TNT!

by Thelget

Funcraft Games announced the release of Stacks TNT on Itch.io today, March 13th. Also, in celebration of the game’s release, they’re offering an explosive 10% discount! If you ever felt the urge to blow $hit up, this is for you!

About Stacks TNT

Stacks TNT is a sandbox game where each block follows the laws of Jelly-physics! You play Chuck, a guy stranded in a desolate world, with only a jet pack and a pair of hands to work with. To get back home, you need to EXPLORE the terrain for resources. BUILD factories to convert resources to useful items, like guns, bombs and rocket engines. DEFEND your flag against waves of MobCorp agents by building fortresses and laying out traps. CONQUER the world by constructing towers, bridges, rocket-propelled ships and anything else you can imagine within in a fully dynamic world. FIND a mysterious hidden relic. And finally, build the Ark space ship and bring yourself home!

Stacks TNT ss1


  • A true sandbox building experience with Jelly-physics. Build wisely or your buildings will collapse!
  • TNT, atomic bombs! Build a tower or a bridge and then blow it up with a fine selection of explosives.
  • Radio controlled rocket engines! Build a structure, attach rocket engines and fly it around by remote control.
  • Find Chuck’s home in Survival Mode or fool around in Creative Mode.

More Information

To read more about Stacks TNT, visit the official page on Itch.io. Additionally, an important note from the developer regarding the hardware requirements for this game:

“this game requires a strong graphics card (Geforce GT430 at minimum) since all the physics run on the graphics card. Don’t buy the game if you have an integrated GPU, like an Intel GPU!”

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