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Bad Business Tactical Shooter

by Thelget

Hut 90 announced the release of Bad Business tactical shooter for July 24 on Steam and itch.io. The game will be available for PC players and promises an extremely challenging top-down shooter experience.

About Bad Business

Bad Business is an extremely challenging top-down tactical shooter game where Mr. Bunny Rabbit, a hitman for the Mob, has been tasked to neutralize the rival Gang. A hard task for any organization, an impossible task for a hitman.

Bad Business Tactical Shooter ss1

Key Features

  • Complete 20 extremely challenging levels
  • Be the best hitman in the world by completing every level as quickly as possible and becoming number 1 on the leaderboards
  • Complete all challenges on every level to earn gold coins to unlock new weapons
  • Design and create your own levels using the Bad Business level editor and share your creations with others online via Steam Workshop
Bad Business Tactical Shooter ss2

Developed By Hut 90

The developer/publisher Hut 90 was founded in 2014 by Lovepreet Nijjar and is an award-nominated independent game studio. Dedicated to bringing high quality, arcade-style action experiences to PC, console, and mobile gamers. Hut 90 previously released Akuto Showdown and Retool, Bad Business is their third game to hit Steam.

More Information

Bad Business releases July 24th for just $.99 on Steam and itch.io. Visit the store page for more information or check out Hut 90’s official website.

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