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AVerMedia Launches Live Streamer CAM 313

by Thelget

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. announced the Live Streamer CAM 313, a plug and play USB webcam that records in 1080p30 for podcasting, streaming and gaming, has shipped and is available in North America with a suggested MSRP of US$79.99.

Live Streamer CAM 313

The CAM 313 has two built-in microphones for better speech quality, flexible 360-degree swivel design and a privacy shutter to protect personal security. Also, it comes with CamEngine, AVerMedia’s recording and streaming plugin for OBS and XSplit which provides exclusive features such as aesthetic enhancement and filter effects. The camera’s combination of features was recognized at the prestigious COMPUTEX 2019 technology show with the Computex Best Choice Award 2019 for excellence in design, innovation, and usability.

Live Streamer CAM 313 Pic 1

Plug And Play!

On the hardware side, the Live Streamer CAM 313 (model PW313) provides an all-in-one package that’s ready to plug and play via driverless UVC protocol support. It records crisp, vibrant 1080p30 videos that capture the finest details for live streaming and video blogging. The camera’s 360-degree swivel makes calling and recording easier at any angle, and the camera can also be mounted on a tripod for additional flexibility. The two microphones provide high sensitivity for crisp, clear speech and high-quality mono audio in general. Privacy is important, and for this reason, the camera has a built-in privacy shutter to keep users safe from any hacker attacks when not in use. It also protects the lens with a snugly fitting cover.

“The new Live Streamer CAM 313 provides outstanding performance and value for content creators, video bloggers, and anyone who needs a 1080p USB camera with quality audio and video. It’s powered by the latest version of our CamEngine plugin for OBS and other streaming software, which offers with useful and flattering facial effects along with fun filters such as cat ears and whiskers that can track the faces of multiple users simultaneously.”

David Kao, Sales Director of AVerMedia
Live Streamer CAM 313 pic2

Exclusive Effects

Exclusive camera effects and filters are available in the Live Streamer CAM 313 through AVerMedia’s updated RECentral 4 and CamEngine software—and these effects are also available in software packages such as OBS or XSplit through the CamEngine software plugin (note that CamEngine doesn’t support conventional video conferencing programs such as Skype). Portrait Enhancement can smooth skin tones and make the subject look flawless on screen, and additional filters provide fun overlays such as rabbit and cat ears and whiskers for video recording and chatting. The filters can track up to three faces at the same time, which is perfect for channels with multiple on-air hosts.

Available Now

The Live Streamer CAM313 is now available at Amazon with a suggested list price of $79.99.

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