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Automaton’s ‘Deceit’ Now Free-to-Play

by Thelget

Following its recent studio expansion, Automaton has revisited its multiplayer psychological FPS ‘Deceit’ with a huge update and new free model, and are seeing rapid player growth in the lead up to its Halloween update this Friday.  With ‘Deceit’ Now Free-to-Play, there is no better time to check out this thriller.

About Deceit

Originally designed simply to bring something interesting to Automaton’s early technical experiments, Deceit has quickly evolved over the past 18 months into a fascinating and unique multiplayer online game. The first game to leverage CryEngine 5, Deceit is an immersive shooter, but there’s a twist: you do not know which players you can trust.

A group of six players awaken in an enclosed area and are each secretly assigned to a team, four innocents trying to escape and two others trying to stop them. Interestingly, rather than having any strong video game influences, Deceit’s core gameplay draws inspiration from the party games Mafia and Werewolf.

‘Deceit’ Now Free-to-Play

  • The game has two alternating phases: day, in which players may work together to complete objectives, unlock items and vote to eliminate suspects from the game; and night, in which infected players can attempt to eliminate innocent players.
  • Despite being a fast-paced shooter at times, the game’s core mechanics rely on teamwork and communication with other players, making each match a unique experience.
  • Early versions were played for many hours by many top YouTubers and Twitch streamers, such as LIRIK, summit1g and H20Delirious, often in group play sessions. The game, along with their personalities, created compelling viewer experiences as their friendships were tested.
  • The game has six unique characters, ensuring each player in a match looks different aiding character identification for users to call out suspicious moves of others.

‘Deceit’ Now Free-to-Play

  • New players will join just in time for the Halloween event, with a chance to earn unique seasonal rewards.
  • Automaton’s approach to in-game purchasing has been praised by players for avoiding any form of pay-to-win, with its focus simply on cosmetic items.

‘Deceit’ Now Free-to-Play

The free-to-play announcement comes alongside Automaton’s largest update yet. Demand has proved so strong that Deceit’s server capacity required a ten-fold expansion. With peak concurrency reaching nearly 20k, Deceit is sitting firmly within Steam’s top 30 most played games.

Join the fun for the Halloween update this Friday 27th October for unique, limited-time cosmetics and seasonal rewards.

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