Ashes of Creation Becomes Most Funded Kickstarter MMO

Ashes of Creation and the team at Intrepid Studios have announced over 19,000 people have pledged their support via Kickstarter.  With over $3,200,000 raised during the month long campaign, the most funded MMO on Kickstarter. In the light of their original goal of just $750,000, Ashes of Creation added every possible Stretch Goal on their road to funding.

“This is simply stunning. We cannot thank the fans of Ashes of Creation enough for their support. We promise we won’t let you down, and we’re absolutely thrilled to find so many like-minded gamers who want to see the MMORPG genre truly move forward.” – Steven Sharif, CEO and Creative Director of Intrepid Studios.

“Because of the high amount of members that requested alternate payment methods that Kickstarter did not offer, I have decided that during the month of June I will extend our crowdsourcing through our website for those of you who were unable to purchase packages through Kickstarter. All backers from Kickstarter will benefit from this additional month of funding with some pretty awesome backer goals and rewards, which we will be releasing today.  We will have the ability for Kickstarter pledges to be upgraded as well.” – Steven Sharif, CEO and Creative Director of Intrepid Studios.

Ashes of Creation MMO
The Game:

Ashes of Creation is a new MMORPG that aims to bring the Massive back to Massively Multiplayer. It takes everything we love about the genre and brings it boldly into the future as a truly next generation title. We’ve all wanted a world that lives and breathes and reacts, where our decisions matter, where the world changes because of what we’ve done. Ashes of Creation is that game: The rebirth of the MMORPG.

Set in a fallen fantasy world untouched by civilization for thousands of years our players will rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover this uncharted realm. Furthermore, the world is ever changing with ruins, beasts, and cities that rise and fall. Weaved into a progressive character system where players hold all the power, the fates of creation are yours to command.

Obviously with the experience of the development team behind the creation of this title, this is set to be an exciting game. Also, as a massive fan of MMOs, I jumped on the bandwagon for this one by backing the Kickstarter.  So like many of you, I will be anxiously following the game’s development and eagerly waiting for beta access.  Updates to follow as they become available.

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