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Abyss Launcher For Flash Game Publishers

by Thelget

The Abyss, a game platform for online video games, recently revealed Abyss Launcher, a B2B solution for publishers and game developers using Flash technology. The new app allows launching Flash games without the need to convert them to other formats.

Adobe Flash is one of the most popular technologies in gaming history. It powered lots of exciting game projects over a period of twenty years. In 2019, PC browser games segment (which also includes Flash-based games) will generate $3,5 billion in revenue, according to the latest NewZoo report.

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Flash Browser Access Is Changing

On July 30, Google has launched Chrome 76, the latest version of its ultra-popular browser, which blocks all Flash content on websites by default with no option to bypass. Users can still turn it on in settings, but the entire process has become more complex. This isn’t just a Google Chrome policy, however. At the end of 2020, Adobe will also stop support for Flash. Some other browsers, like Mozilla, will entirely remove Flash in early 2020.

With over 1 billion users, Chrome is both a browser and a major platform that web and game developers must consider. On Aug 2, The Abyss proudly introduced Abyss Launcher, its client app that solves the “Flash-problem”. The app keeps Flash games running and helps to retain their player base.

Full-Scale Flash Support

Developed by The Abyss team, Abyss Launcher provides full-scale support for Flash games. With Abyss Launcher, all games are put into one entry point whereas the audience can be converted between numerous projects. It is a fully customizable app with a modular and simple integration which requires no changes to the publisher’s authorization and billing systems.

Abyss Launcher is a safe and reliable technology protecting game developers and powering their projects. It is yet another valuable addition to The Abyss ecosystem which is aimed at serving the interests of the industry and providing versatile support to game developers.

Learn More

Abyss Launcher is a white label B2B solution based on a monthly subscription model. To learn more about Abyss Launcher and its features visit https://www.theabyss.com/launcher.

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